Welcome Back MarVaTeens

by mvtpaadmin ~ June 30th, 2022

I’ve been asked over the years how I started in gymnastics, here’s a quick readers digest version as Carrie & I decide to stop, smell the roses and knock off a couple of items on our bucket list! Back in 1972-’74 when I attended Catonsville Community College, MD. an older student busted into the weight training room and shouted for us to come join the men’s gymnastics team! I soon found out I was better at “spotting” the other team members then I was at actually doing skills! From there to a Club in Parole, MD to Desert Devils in Tempe, Arizona back to MarVaTeens in Rockville, MD to Columbus, Ohio for five years, back to MarVaTeens in 1985 to ownership in 1998-2020! Along the way I’ve had the honor and privilege to know¬†hundreds of excellent coaches, caring parents, ¬†judges and countless volunteers. We’ve probably coached thousands of gifted and talented athletes, who were able to push through their own fears, limits and boundaries on just a few words from Carrie and I. THANK YOU!



























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