About MarVaTeens

MarVaTeens, located in the Washington DC metro area, is one of the largest, most successful competitive teams in the nation. Our team has had great success in competitions on the Local, National and International Levels.

Many of our team’s gymnasts have been crowned State, Regional, and National Champions, and there have been over 30 Elite gymnasts in our history. Over 85 percent of our graduating high school seniors have earned college scholarships.

The goal of the competitive team is to provide all girls with an opportunity to enjoy and be successful in competitive gymnastics. There are a variety of groups within each competitive level (Level 3 through Level 10) to allow for diversity of ages and skill levels.

The Team program provides progressively more intensive training as the gymnast develops skills and physical abilities as measured and monitored by our coaching staff, and based on competitive meet performances by the gymnast. Monthly fees for the team vary by competitive level.