Guidelines & Regulations


Sickness: If your gymnast is sick and missing workout please call the gym and leave a message. There is no reduced tuition for time missed due to illness.

Vacation: Your daughter’s performance and success in gymnastics is directly related to her attendance at workouts. It is best not to be out for more than a week at a time during holidays and summer. There is no reduced tuition offered for missed practices while away on vacation or away at camp.

Injuries: If your gymnast gets an injury (i.e., sprain, strain, etc.), which unfortunately happens, please check with Mr Mike to see what will be expected of her while she is recuperating. Please provide a written copy of her doctor’s report so that they can follow up with her doctor and determine the best course of action. Usually gymnasts will be able to do a modified workout while recuperating.

Tuition: The MarVaTeens Gymnastics Team is a 12 month per year commitment. Tuition is due on the first of each month (September – August). Checks should be made out to MarVaTeens and turned in at the office.

Team Leotard: Each gymnast is expected to purchase the long sleeve team competition leotard and warm-up suit. The leotard and warm-up suit will be changed periodically (usually every two years for the leotard and every four years for the warm-up suit).

Questions? We encourage parents to e-mail a message to: You should get a response within 24 hours! If not, PLEASE re-send!

Meet Schedule and Competition Requirements: Gymnasts will be selected to attend meets by their coach.  Gymnasts that are not able to compete on all four events will be allowed to compete any event they are able as determined by their coach. Meet schedules for each level will be prepared by Mr Mike. These schedules are subject to change. Information regarding upcoming meet will be available as soon as possible. Host gyms are often late in providing this information – PLEASE be understanding.